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Fogged In Dunlin
I spotted a Dunlin sandpiper through the fog up at Big Club beach the other day-a first for me. Over the years, sharing public awareness of healthy seagrass meadows that hug Fishers Island and the importance of the wrack line ecosystem (incoming seaweeds and eel grass). We can all see migrating shorebirds that depend on them. Thank you Big Club for working with me - embracing Island stewardship.

Catching up with Conservancy's Autumn Bird Migration Survey
Out in the field I catch up with Conservancy's Autumn Bird Migration Survey and chat with birds of a feather Adam Mitchell & Will Almeida; discovering 48 bird species in a day that depend on our Island's healthy native habitat.

Oh! MyLar!
Sanctuary of Sands: 21 balloons and 1 Piping plover chick. Help hatch a plan and support Island Stewardship! *Wobbly footage with winds and honestly a bit of shock...

Mylar Madness
Help stop this Mylar Madness!
Don't blow them up! Don't Dress them up! Pick them up! AND Ban. Make Stewardship the heart of our Fishers Island.

Along the Terrapin Turnpike
In which I remind (again!) the Fishers Island Community to please be aware of our wonderful wildlife basking here in their limelight!

Hidden Heron
In which I find myself hiding under this blanket of fog with a particular Island resident and June's "rain, rain" just won't go away!

Move Over for the Piping Plover!
Treasured nest and eggs found along Conservancy's Sanctuary of Sands, parallel Elizabeth Field Runway. Please tread respectfully, leash all dogs, and take pride in our Island's unique environment and wildlife.

Mother's Day Bluebird
A female Eastern Bluebird feeds (this time looks like a spider for dinner) her brood on Fishers Island. Happy news! Bluebirds documented throughout winter 2017, it appears some have decided to call here "home".

Another Gray Seal Pup Ashore
I received word from Bruce Hubert's Crew of a Gray Seal pup north side up east-documented, and actively in touch with Mystic Aquarium Stranding Network - so grateful for Island Community "keeping watch" - it's Fishers Island stewardship!

Communicating with Mystic Aquarium and monitoring closely for three days, happily this pup (with no visible wounds etc.) hauled off on its own early Monday. Gray seal pups will often rest ashore for several days before continuing their foraging voyage.

Slow & Steady Wins The Race
Springtime on Fishers Island brings us ALL out of our shells! Please drive with awareness - Don't Speed -and enjoy our Turtles even at a snail's pace!

Raven Spirit Returns
Ravens fly westward to My Neck of the Woods, Fishers Island! Familiar with their Autumnal magic up east at Big Club, I am in awe this breezy spring morn as we meet again - invited into their world of twig collecting and nest building.

Earthday EVERYday
Or so it should be. Stewardship on Fishers Island should be a constant - Marine Debris certainly is.

Sitting Amongst My Peeps
Spring Peeper Frogs serenade Islanders along Fort Stretch - Parade Grounds, Fishers Island.

And A River Otter Runs Through It
And across it!
With tips from Community members, Island Naturalist finally meets River Otter in our unsuspected Duck Pond. All Drivers please use caution, all pedestrians please respect unique local habitat.

Barred Owl Radio
Barred Owls visit My Neck of the Woods this Chilly February night and I discover finally just "Who Cooks for Whom" here on Fishers Island!

Stranded Gray Seal Pup on Sanctuary of Sands
Young Gray Seal pup discovered Jan 22, 2017 on Southside Fishers Island parallel to Elizabeth Field airport. Monitored, with wounds photo documented, along with Community effort, disembarked across the Sound via ferry to the Mystic Aquarium for rehabilitation and hopefully release soon!

Low Temps, Low Tide, & Low Profile!
The tides appeared almost Perihelion at Hungry Point, Fishers Island this frosty January day allowing me a rare close up with Harbor Seals.

Eastern Bluebirds Sighted West!
Ringing in the "Happy" New Year here on Fishers Island, rare sightings of Bluebirds have been noted between Hay Harbor Mansion Cottages and the Softball field-even more rare for January.

Young Northern Harrier
I sighted this juvenile Harrier on January 5th across from the Driving Range, middle Fishers Island. I am very hopeful as it's a sign that there was successful breeding and nesting in that neck of the woods - but on the ground within dense grasses!

Marine Debris Management PR
Monitoring north side during off season on Fishers Island with hopes that "seeing is believing"; it's tough to ignore the need for constant stewardship.

Autumn of Our Content
Hungry Point seals somehow seem to exude quietude this calm moment captured within Fishers Island Sound...

Bobbing Bufflehead
A blustery day with Bufflehead noted deep inside Hay Harbor, Fishers Island. These energetic ducks bob and preen, dive and feed again and again...

Tis The Molting Season
Tens of Thousands of crustacean shells shed from the Common Spider crab wash ashore on the south western tip of Fishers Island and Naturalist discovers the "motherload"!

Bear Crossing!
Island Sentinel team creates public awareness posters. Stakeholders like BD Remodeling & Restoration aboard Capt. Conroy's Baby Doll will help to remind commuters and ferry crew to report any unusual wildlife sightings and marine debris across Fishers Island Sound.

Hummingbird's Spirit
Balanced atop a wobbly ladder, I am awe inspired with the truly delicate world of these two nestled Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

Little Blue Heron Juvenile
A juvenile Little Blue Heron still wearing white plumage dances a bit during lunch: "leaping frog's legs" in Madeline Pond, Fishers Island.

Hay Harbor's Local Green Heron
These balmy September mornings I find a returning Green Heron either resting dockside or sneaking in and out of walled crevices on Tennis Racquet Island with plenty of fishing in between flights.

Help Is On Its Way!
Grounded juvenile Osprey with injured wing watched over near Dock Beach. Fishers Island community lent a hand this past August weekend- getting the bird across the Sound, where rehabilitators from Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic. will assess and keep us posted.

American Redstart
American redstart, New World warbler enjoys cooling off in My Neck of the Woods on Fishers Island.

Sultry Summer Swallows
Sultry summer's swallows sit, swoop, and soar, crickets sing, while South sands shift and Parade Ground crow ring this hazy - even lazy day on Fishers Island.

Ruddy Turnstones's Reunion
Adult Turnstones donning breeding plumage midst the summer's swelter and smelly seaweed berms feed before migration on southwest point of Fishers Island.

Short-billed Dowitcher's Brunch
Displaying their breeding plumage, Short-billed Dowitcher's pick through thick seaweed berms at low tide. A tiny Least Sandpiper arrives late for brunch.

Queen Anne's Meadow & Melody
Tree swallows soar above a field of Queen Anne' Lace (Wild carrot) near South beach on Fishers Island.

Spotted Sandpiper
Along the dune grasses south side of Elizabeth Field airport, a rarely sighted Spotted Sandpiper perches above its nesting grounds this quiet summer eve on Fishers Island.

Young Ruddy
Young Ruddy Turnstones rest on rocks off South beach where tidal wrack lines support healthy habitat here on Fishers Island.

Make Way For Ducklings Dive
Common Eider teach their ducklings diving technique along healthy eelgrass meadows surrounding the northeast end of Fishers Island.

Curious Oyster Catcher
Alongside Elizabeth Field Airport Fishers Island, sitting on a sandy sanctuary, a banded American Oyster Catcher visits me- with a tiny Killdeer just passing by!

Spring Eve At Hungry Point
It's early May off Hungry Point, Fishers Island. Male Eider ducks appearing "handsome" for their mates, while bell buoy lulls Harbor seals to sleep.