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FI Conservancy President's Late Summer Message

As the days grow shorter and swallow fledglings start to flock, I thought this would be a good time to give an update on our work at the Fishers Island Conservancy.

We have had, by all standards, a very busy summer in all aspects our organization.

In the Parade Grounds, after a very successful spring burn, we continued with our grasslands restoration projects. Strategic spot mowing of invasive swallow wart, porcelain berry and kudzu continued throughout the season, most notably along the South Beach access road and the Fort Wright bunker. We now have a complete inventory of the invasive plants within our scope of influence on the Parade grounds. While we can’t yet claim complete victory, we are very optimistic.

Over the weekends of July 16/17 and August 13/14, we conducted approximately 11 Parade Ground educational walks with University of Delaware notables Professor Doug Tallamy and Phd student Adam Mitchell. The Conservancy also launched a program to visit the property of individual property owners to assist in the identification of invasive plant species and to recommend initiatives to help in their removal. Over 20 private land owners took us up on our offer and kept Doug and Adam very busy over those two weekends. In the end, Professor Tallamy gave us the ultimate compliment calling our grassland habitat a “stunning success.“ Remember, native birds eat the native bugs that live on native plants. Every invasive we eradicate encourages the return of endangered wildlife to our fragile ecosystem.

FI Conservancy President's Late Summer Message

JUSTINE KIBBE, Fishers Island Naturalist

Justine monitors 12 key sites on Fishers Island, where she records observations and trends of the environment and its unique ecosystems. With the support and efforts of our Island community she bridges local traditional knowledge with Science; helping to preserve natural history while nurturing stewardship for all generations.

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Meet Justine Kibbe, Fishers Island Naturalist
Happy & Healthy Seagrass
"Happy and healthy seagrass meadow" displays oxygen bubbling in 4 ft. waters; northeast Fishers Island. Snorkeling & Video: Soren Dahl, NYS Seagrass Coordinator, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Specialist

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